Premium Natural Rhassoul Clay (Powder)

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Rhassoul clay is usually used in the Hammam ritual here in Morocco for exfoliating face, skin and scalp, as well as a hair mask to gently polish and soften the hair and skin like a jewel, creating a silky-smooth luster.

The clay was discovered and used by Moroccan women for hundreds of years.

This anti-aging, gentle and All-Natural exfoliant not only reduces the signs of premature aging, but also clears away blemishes, reveals the baby-soft skin beneath and gives your hair the healthy look it deserves.

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Skin and scalp exfoliating plays a crucial role in skincare, as it brightens the complexion / skin by removing debris, dead cells, imperfections and stimulates skin cell renewal.

Rhaclay Rhassoul clay powder (for exfoliating) is an ideal all-in-one solution for almost all skin types, reducing signs of aging and improving skin texture.