10 pcs. Moroccan Exfoliating Mitts (aka. Kiis / Kessa)

$ 49.00

Exfoliating is the ideal way to keep your skin fresh, soft & looking young as it reveals your new healthy skin that lies beneath the old dead skin.

This traditional Moroccan exfoliating mitt is the perfect complimentary tool to use with Rhassoul clay in order to thoroughly exfoliate & cleanse your entire body. This way you can make sure your skin will be smooth & silky.

Unlike the usual body scrubs or loofahs, the coarse texture of our traditional Moroccan exfoliating mitt is excellent to slough any dead skin cells that are hidden below the surface along with oil and dirt.

In other words, you will literally see dead skin cells rolling off  as the Moroccan mitt deeply exfoliates & unclogs your skin's surface, leaving it glowing & silky-smooth immediately.


In a nutshell:

  • Reduces in-growing hairs, bumps, and unclogs pores
  • Its texture exfoliates & cleanses the entire body from dead skin leaving skin silky-smooth
  • Improves circulation, revitalizes skin, & fights aging signs
  • Helps even skin tone, texture & reduces discolorations, dullness etc.

For ideal results, you may want to use Moroccan exfoliating mitt around mid-time of your shower.
Furthermore, you can apply a few drops of pure Argan oil for a lasting soft & soothing feeling after bathing / showering.

Height: ≈ 20 cm
Width: ≈ 15 cm
Weight 0.027 kg

* Delivered glove colors depends on availability.
* The price displayed is per 10 gloves.