10 pcs. Moroccan Traditional Clay Pumices / Heel Stones

$ 49.00

The pottery clay heel stone / disk scrub / pumice (also called M’hekka in the
Moroccan slang), is a traditional Moroccan beauty Hammam accessory.

It is used here in Morocco in the traditional Hammam beauty ritual (steamy)
but also during the usual showering / bathing etc.. to softly grate / scrap the
hard / dry feet skin (cracked heels etc..), while avoiding irritations, thanks to
its slightly protruding carved patterns designed for this purpose.

It is used after softened the hardened areas of the skin by soaking the parts
of the body in warm water for 15 minutes. Handmade with clay, this scrub stone
(pumice) is used to remove calluses on feet and elbows.


* The price displayed is per 10 stones.


Soak the dried / hard skin area in warm water for 10 to 20 minutes (i.e. heels) to soften it.
Apply some soap then simply scrub the area using the clay pumice.

Rinse & repeat as needed.
You may want to apply / massage in some Argan oil after you’re out of the shower / bath etc.. and after drying your feet for ideal results. This will help restore skin elasticity etc..