Deluxe Traditional Moroccan All-In-One Hammam Beauty Package

Moroccan 100% natural haircare & skincare products used in the famous Hammam / sauna rituals, as well as in beauty regimen, grant Moroccan women their silk-smooth hair as well as their baby-smooth skin.
Bring Morocco’s timeless beauty wisdom to
your everyday Hair & skincare routine.



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Rejuvenate in a flash

Though each person’s hair and skin are different, Rhaclay Rhassoul clay is like a ‘magic’ solution that is endlessly customizable to suit almost any hair and skin type, sensitivities and needs.
Rhaclay Rhassoul clay masks instantly rejuvenate with natural minerals that restore hair’s & skin’s radiance.
Learn about how you can implement Rhaclay Rhassoul clay in your beauty rituals.